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Store Location: 8236 West Bellfort Ave, Houston Texas 77071
Store Location: 8236 West Bellfort Ave, Houston Texas 77071

Manis Hair Associate Program

Thank you for taking the first step to become an associate. As an Associate at Manis Hair Boutique, you are part of the Manis family and will earn a 10% commission each time someone buys hair using your personal Associate link which will be provided when you sign up.

Anyone can become an Associates at Manis Hair Boutique regardless of whether or not you have any interest in the hair industry. It is simple and straight forward, all you have to do is apply for our Associates Program and you get 10% Commission on every purchases.

There is no limit, as long as someone makes a purchase, you are getting paid 10% of the sale. No start-up fee, no initial investment and no additional costs. All you have to do is promote our products using your personal link and you are good to go. 

We accept Associates applications from around the world which makes the family even bigger. This way we are re-distributing money back into the black community as income earned at the same time helping Manis Hair Boutique grow to become the largest Black Owned Company in the world.

Become An Associate

Steps To Becoming An Associate 

Download the Affiliates App

Download Affiliates Dashboard App on App Store or Google Play Store

Search For Manis Hair Boutique

Once downloaded, select "Pick Your First Affiliate Program". Then search "Manis Hair Boutique"

Click Apply

Finally, click on "Apply" and Follow the instructions Provided.

African - American men and women spend billions of dollars on their hair every year, but the real question is how much of this revenue actually goes back to the black community ? Earn Extra Income by Buying Hair From Us. 

Become An Associate

A Message From Our Founder/CEO

The hair industry is a very lucrative business generating billions of dollars in revenue every year but how many black owned hair companies are actually out there and where does all the profit go? I grew up seeing women around me spend thousands of dollars on hair, including myself. By buying hair from us, you are not only supporting a black owned Hair company, you are also helping our customers/Associates earn extra income through our amazing program. If we are number one spenders on hair, then we should also be the number one earners of those revenue.

Fatoumata Camara

Benefit of An Associate

The Application Process takes less than 5min

  • Get Paid 10% Commissions every time someone buys hair with your link.
  • Track your commissions and Sales in real time.
  • Completely free, no initial investment, no start-up costs, no additional fee.
  • Perfect way to earn extra income and help the black community around the world.

Earn Extra Income each Time You Buy Hair

Do you know you can also get a 10% of your money  back as an associate when you buy hair at Manis Hair Boutique using your very own Associate Link so why WAIT?
Apply Now!!!!

Become An Associate